200 Youth Get Kinder-Ready at Promise Kinder Transition Academy

July 29, 2016

Promise Kinder Transition Academy (PKTA)is designed as a summer transition program for incoming kindergarten students to better prepare them to be kinder-ready.


The program focuses on the socio-emotional preparedness of the students. The curriculum includes activities that help students interact with other students and familiarize them with routines that will ultimately support their academic growth once they arrive in kindergarten. The program also has a parent component that teaches parents how they can play the supportive role that will get their children kinder-ready as well.

The three-week program runs four hours a day and has a 10:1 ratio of students to adults. During summer 2016, PKTA served approximately 200 students at Vaughn Charter, Pacoima Charter School, Grant Elementary, Ramona Elementary, and Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter.


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