3 Tips for Job-Seeking Youth

After last week's YouthSource & Education's Job Fair we asked YPI's Job Advisor, Kenyata Sanders, for his top three tips for job seeking youth. If you’ve yet to start your job search or you want to ameliorate your current search, his insights are worth a look.

1) Utilize you personal network. Make sure your parents, teachers, family, friends and everyone you know are aware that you are job hunting. Use Social Media!

2) Visit Businesses. Figure out what you would like to do for work, make a list of businesses that can accommodate you and visit those businesses. Be sure to speak with whoever is actually in charge of hiring.

3) Don't give up. Most people end their job hunt within the first month they start. Be determined to write down your goal of finding a job, then daily complete the necessary actions to obtain your goal. Do not give up until you hit your goal!

The YouthSource and Education Department supports in-and out-of school youth in San Fernando and Los Angeles with the necessary skills to transition into adulthood with an education and a career.

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