Annual Community Jam spotlights student talent


Our After School program’s annual Community Jam reveals the artistic side of our students.

By day, the performers who took part in this annual event might be mistaken for average students. On stage their alter egos emerged as they picked up their instruments and took the stage.

“Our students are able to utilize this opportunity to showcase their talents and interests,” said Margo Garcia, Events and Athletics Project Specialist. “Over the years it has become evident by the immense amount of support displayed by families in attendance that this event has given them a chance to connect on another level.”

The free event featured 225 student performers of all grade levels. The performances included drum lines, rock bands, jazz bands and dance performances from a variety of genres including hip hop, contemporary, and cultural dance.

“This event plays a major role in the confidence level of our students.” said Garcia. “With each practice, the students are able express their creative minds freely.”

Held in the auditorium at North Hollywood high School, the event is an annual highlight for students, family and our After school staff.

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