Voices of YPI: Ilene Garcia



Ilene Garcia, a teenage student at the STEM Academy in Hollywood, drew loud cheers when she spoke of her experience growing up poor in Los Angeles. Born to a single mother who has worked as a janitor in the city for two decades, Garcia said her family has been forced to move at least five times in recent years while struggling to cover rent.

Los Angeles Times | April 9, 2017
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The Education Success Project: Partnering in Teacher Exchange with Queen’s University Belfast of Northern Ireland

Issues of collaboration, co-location,
and contested education spaces are international. 




This has been the learning of a group of educators and policymakers from LAUSD schools in YPI’s Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood who traveled to Northern Ireland in January and are this week welcoming teachers and administrators from Queen’s University in Belfast to classrooms in L.A.

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TechHire LA Spotlight: Nisa K.

Spotlight is a space where we highlight one of our TechHire participants and their interests.


Meet Nisa! She is a dedicated coder who tackles life with excitement and the passion to learn and pass on her knowledge. When she’s not building and taking her synthesizer apart, she’s breaking down endless lines of code!

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A landmark bill aiming to lift 1 million California children out of poverty seeks support in Sacramento and beyond

California has the highest rate of child poverty in the nation. Join us to end child it.


Rally to End Child Poverty


  —  Assembly Bill 1520, the Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Act, challenges the California State Legislature to cut child poverty in half statewide over the next two decades. It’s a tall order—California’s poverty rate among children is, by many measures, the nation’s highest. But thanks to a comprehensive framework of research-backed solutions that form the foundation of AB 1520, communities across the Golden State are beginning to rally behind the legislation.

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TechHire LA Spotlight: Eddie C.

Spotlight is a space where we highlight one of our TechHire participants and their interests.

Andrew C.

Meet code master Eddie! He is a young and passionate coder with a desire to be the best. When he’s not grooving to merengue on the dance floor he is busy crafting websites which showcase his graphics design background.

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Going the Distance: Team YPI at the Los Angeles Marathon

Last Sunday, 29 runners proudly ran the Los Angeles Marathon to raise awareness—and funds—for Youth Policy Institute’s Promise Scholars program. Take a look at Team YPI’s journey.


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With multi-year grant, Ballmer Group invests in YPI’s place-based fight against Los Angeles Poverty

Youth Policy Institute has been awarded a $750,000 grant from the Ballmer Group, as part of the first Los Angeles philanthropic investments by Connie and Steve Ballmer. The award will strengthen YPI’s place-based approach to fighting poverty, including the Los Angeles Promise Zone and the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhoods.


  —  “The Ballmer Group is honored to support Youth Policy Institute’s work toward improving the lives of low-income children and families in some of Los Angeles’s highest-need communities,” said Nina Revoyr, Executive Director-Los Angeles, The Ballmer Group. “By leading initiatives such as the L.A. Promise Neighborhood and L.A.’s first Promise Zone, YPI is demonstrating how public-private partnerships and systems change efforts can have a far-reaching effect on children’s futures.”

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Welcome YPI’s new board chair and four new members

We’re happy to congratulate YPI’s new Board Chair, Ari Lanin, and welcome four new Board members: Richard Foos, Yasmine Delawari Johnson, Shari Leinwand, and Amit Verma.


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STATEMENT: Important information regarding ICE raids and immigrant rights

The current political climate is causing distress to an already taxed community, and unfortunately, our kids are the ones who are most impacted.



Vice President, Youth Policy Institute


Over the last few days, we have seen an increase in concern and panic from the families that we serve at our various school sites and centers. The current political climate is causing distress to an already taxed community, and unfortunately, our kids are the ones who are most impacted. 

We are working very closely with the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District to make sure YPI receives the latest information and available resources. We’re also checking in with our local nonprofit partners and working on arranging a staff training that will better equip us with the tools necessary to support our families during this time. On the national level, we are working with National Council of La Raza and supporting in a myriad of advocacy efforts to fight against these unjust practices.

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