Flowers! Make Everyone's Day

Health___Wellness.JPGCecilia Mejía Morales, a member of YPI’s Health & Wellness team, works with the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that provides participating low-income families with affordable access to fresh, locally grown organic food on a weekly basis. 

Working with “Old Grove Farm Share,” a collective of 28 farmers led by Bob Night, YPI subsidizes the costs for these healthy foods boxes in two distribution sites: Hollywood Family Source Center and Berendo Middle High. 

The Health and Wellness CSA team is developing a strategy to make this program a long-term program so that more families living within the Promise Zone can regularly access fresh and affordable organic food. The program goal is to increase the food distribution program from two to six sites. The cost for YPI to supply one family with a box of food per week is $28. Families pay just $14 for each box. Approximately 112 families participated in the most recent 13-week program cycle. 

Along with fruit and vegetable selections, boxes include weekly recipes, nutritional tips and the occasional surprise such as the recent arrival of flowers!  Mejía Morales says, “They offer us a chance to celebrate with our families as we end our summer and get ready to start the school year and a new season.”

“Mrs. Bautista just lost her mother to cancer,” said Mejia Morales. “When she saw the flowers she commented that those were the kind her mother enjoyed and took it to be a message that ‘everything was going to be okay.”

The Mateo family came by for their weekly basket and was thrilled to find flowers within the supply boxes. They eagerly gathered a bunch and left happily planning where their bouquet would be placed in their home.


For information on how you can be a regular or one-time donor to YPI’s Community Supported Agriculture program go to:

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