George Lopez Tells Students to ‘Dream Big’

It was no ordinary morning in Mr. Delgado’s sixth grade reading class at YPI’s Bert Corona Charter School today. Students scouted the best seats. Welcome posters were hung. The room was filled with giggles in anticipation of a visit from actor and comedian George Lopez.

The buzz abruptly ceased when the bell rang at 8:20 a.m. and Lopez made his entry. As part of Teach for America Week, which brings in influential role models to classrooms, Lopez was invited to read and share his career journey with the students.

“When things seem impossible, that’s when they become more fun,” said George Lopez. “Make them possible.”
Like the students, Lopez grew up in Pacoima where the population is predominantly Latino and one out of three children live in poverty.

He told them about being raised by his grandparents who spoke little English. He said that he overcame shyness to stand up for himself. When asked how he felt about watching himself on television, the celebrity laughed and said that he still “trips out.”

Students took turns sharing their own career plans with him. “All of you have a tremendous opportunity to have a great life,” said Lopez. “Dream big … the more educated you are, the better.”

After the talk, Lopez met parents and learned about the school’s latest service learning initiatives with National Council of La Raza which he avidly supports.

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