Diverse Coalition Demands Collaboration From the School Board


The Youth Policy Institute and other groups ranging from Teach for America to the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, rallied outside the school district’s downtown headquarters today to call for an end to the politics that are obstructing both Supt. Deasy and policies of educational justice that students deserve.

Deasy’s reported resignation has galvanized the largest and most diverse education coalition in recent memory in Los Angeles.

President and CEO of Families in Schools, Oscar E. Cruz, addresses the media at the rally.


"Data shows that through Dr. Deasy’s leadership graduation rates have climbed from a 46% to 60%; students learning English have more access to college prep courses; and expulsion and suspension rates have decreased across the district." - Families In Schools

DSC_0279.jpgAlliance for a Better Community demonstrated their support for Deasy at the rally.

"Bold leadership like that of Dr. Deasy does not come often... We are here to voice our strong support!!" - Alliance for a Better Community

DSC_0263.jpgInner City Struggle's Executive Director, Maria Brenes, addresses the crowd at the rally.

"Don't be crazy, we want Deasy!" - Inner City Struggle

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