Help Rebecca Abrego Get to the Marathon and Education Finish Lines!

The reason I am running is because as a Workforce Case Manager at YPI, I see every day how much YPI transforms the community. I am a success story myself.



Before I was employed with YPI, I found myself having dead-end jobs and was not goal-oriented. I had no intention of going to college, simply because I didn’t like school while I was growing up. I felt like I wouldn’t succeed if I went to college, so I didn't give myself the opportunity.

One day, a member of the YPI Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) called me and asked if I wanted to work as an intern and earn money over the summer. I decided to see what YPI had to offer. After completing my internship, I was asked to apply for a position as a Receptionist with the Youth Source & Education Department (YSED). I did not even have interview clothes but my SYEP supervisor, Carolina Aguirre, donated her clothes to me so that I could attend the job interview. Her thoughtfulness was the bridge and I was made an official employee of YPI in 2014.

My new YPI colleagues at YSED constantly uplifted me and persuaded me to go to college as an investment in my and my son’s future. With their encouragement, I started college part-time and am currently earning my AA in Psychology at Los Angeles Mission College. After a year and a half of working with YSED, I decided to apply for a Case Manager position with YPI’s Workforce department, and began this role in April 2016. I assist adults with their employment goals and help provide training opportunities. ME! The same young lady who had nothing going for herself until YPI changed my life.

I am forever grateful for the impact that YPI has had on my life and will continue to grow within YPI. This is the reason why I am so motivated to run my first marathon as a part of Team YPI.

Please help support YPI's goal of assisting our communities from cradle to college and beyond by donating by April 14, 2017. You can be a part of YPI's movement that is taking place every day! You have the opportunity to help create success stories like mine.

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