iPads for Students and Families


This week, the San Fernando Institute for Applied Media embarked on their third deployment of iPads to sixth grade students. Once complete, all 407 students on the campus will be equipped with an iPad which they will use as an educational tool in the classroom and also at home.

As part of the process, all parents attend six hours of iPad Parent Trainings. The trainings equip parents with skills and information necessary to support their student's education. The devices are designed to be used by parents as well as students, particularly for the purpose of monitoring student's safety online and ensuring adherence to the school's acceptable use policies.

Once parents complete the training, they are able to communicate with school staff and teachers via email, conduct internet searches, view browser history, download educational apps and access important information via the school's website.

These vital resources, which are commonplace for many families across Los Angeles, are new for a majority of parents and families in this community. This program brings the school one step closer to their overarching goal of creating a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member develops communication, technological, and leadership skills.

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