LOS ANGELES — On November 10, Mayor Eric Garcetti administered the oath of service to 141 AmeriCorps members. They’ll provide tutoring and college and career counseling to young people at schools and community centers in some of L.A.’s most underserved neighborhoods. Here’s Jasmine, sharing her service experience:

I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and meeting counselors who came from similar circumstances validated my experience and gave me the support I needed to push through in college. I first served with AmeriCorps last year at 99th Street Elementary School in Watts. I am currently serving my second service year as Promise Corps’ Project Leader with the Youth Policy Institute. Last year, I served in 3rd grade and the experience exceeded anything I had expected. Within ten months, not only did scholars improve academically, they also carried themselves with confidence and assurance of their capabilities.

This work has helped me realize that I am passionate about working with young scholars and helping them find the power within themselves to create their own paths. This year, I realized that I am fully capable of doing tasks I did not think I could do. I am taking on roles and challenges that I would not think I could do and am proving myself wrong. I strive to continue serving my community of Los Angeles and being the best resource I can be to our scholars in all the work I’ll be involved in. In the near future, I plan on going back to school to earn my masters and continue serving the community that raised me in order to support more roses that grow out of concrete.


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