Join Caroline Artiss to provide healthy, farm-fresh produce for low-income families

June 23, 2016

Every Thursday, the Morales family goes to the YPI Hollywood FamilySource Center to pick up a week’s worth of farm-fresh organic produce through YPI’s Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.



Mom Karla said that having access to the fresh produce and herbs, like oregano, has completely changed the way that she cooks and has inspired her approach to using more inventive recipes. Her husband and son especially love the fresh fruit. In neighborhoods where fresh, organic produce is scarce or prohibitively expensive, programs like this change the lives and health of local families.

We invite you to join us in helping more families like the Morales’. YPI has teamed up with celebrity food and lifestyle chef Caroline Artiss to raise $5,000 by August 30.

Watch the video and see how to donate:

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