National Education Revolution Starts in Los Angeles with Launch of $30 Million "Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood"

Garcetti, Deasy highlight the value of 60+ organizations providing cradle-to-college-and-career services in Hollywood and Pacoima led by Youth Policy Institute (YPI)

Program is 1 of 7 “Promise Neighborhood” public-private partnerships nationally as part of President Obama's plan to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty

Starting today, thousands of underserved Los Angeles families will have access to a new level of support services, as the Youth Policy Institute (YPI) officially launches the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood, a breakthrough coordinated service delivery program based on the Harlem Children’s Zone. Created with a $30 million U.S. Department of Education grant, the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood will provide cradle-to-college-and-career services for underserved children and their families in Hollywood and Pacoima.

“The Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood will transform 19 neighborhood schools into full-service community schools, where students access academic tutoring, enrichment, digital literacy training, nutrition, wellness, and other services,” said Dixon Slingerland, Executive Director of the Youth Policy Institute (YPI), the lead agency for the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood. “They'll have access to services like Hollywood's one-stop FamilySource Center, which offers children services such as tutoring and arts programs at the same place that parents attend job training or financial literacy classes.”

“This victory is the result of focused collaboration by the city, county, school district and private sector to revitalize our local communities,” said newly inaugurated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who, as councilmember for Hollywood, was instrumentally involved in the creation of the LAPN. “Promise Neighborhoods is a vital initiative for our city and will be a key component of my community transformation strategy.”

With the July 1st inauguration of the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood, families will begin accessing a broader range of services at schools and community centers within the Hollywood and Pacoima Promise Neighborhood areas. As the project continues to roll out, students and families in the target areas will be assigned case managers who will coordinate services, ensuring a “cradle-to-college-and-career” continuum of programs to serve every need. At the same time, YPI will raise a 1-to-1 match of private funds to support the integrated services offered through LAPN—striking a cumulative $60 million blow to intergenerational poverty in Hollywood and Pacoima.

“The Promise Neighborhoods initiative is based upon the successful place-based model to end the intergenerational cycle of poverty used by the Harlem Children’s Zone,” said John Deasy, LAUSD Superintendent of Schools. “The Department of Education’s grant will help us transform education in Los Angeles, and the unique public-private nature calls for matching the grant with funds from local and regional donors."

By comprehensively addressing students’ economic disadvantages and their families’ additional needs, Promise Neighborhood will reinforce educational gains and support students more effectively than classroom-only reforms. The Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood's cross-sector partnership comprises 60 nonprofit, government and corporate organizations in a wide offering of the services that children and their parents need most. Partners range from First 5 LA to the Boys and Girls Club to Los Angeles Mission College to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. (See complete list attached.)

“The Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood is expected to reach over 18,000 Hollywood and Pacoima youth each year,” said Iris Zuñiga, Chief Operating Officer of YPI and a native of the same Pacoima neighborhood that is now part of the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood. “This is a challenge that YPI is ready for. Our three decades of outcomes-focused work have prepared us to be part of this exciting national shift in changing the lives of children and their families.”



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