New Data Policy Puts YPI and LAUSD Ahead of the Nation


A new data sharing policy between the Youth Policy Institute and the Los Angeles Unified School District will enable YPI to tell cradle-to-college-and-career stories like never before. "We'll be able to see what we're doing right, fix what's going wrong, and track individual student outcomes year after year," says YPI Executive Director Dixon Slingerland.

For the first time ever, LAUSD will share student-level data with an external agency. YPI uses the Efforts-to-Outcomes database, allowing us to track qualitative and quantitative results for students at all of our schools and programs.

The database provides a window into students' evolving challenges and achievements and monitors their changing grades and attendance. By breaking down silos that have been in place for decades, this data sharing will help YPI and partners create better place-based solutions to benefit thousands of students. Privacy protocols are also in place to keep student information in the right hands.

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