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21st Century Expanded Learning Services

Youth Policy Institute is pleased to announce our intent to partner with the following schools to submit applications to implement 21st Century Community Learning Centers and After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSET) programs (FY 2017–18 Cohort 10) at the following schools:


Elementary and Middle Schools
Prepa Tec LA middle school
Academia Moderna
Fenton Primary Center
Fenton Avenue Charter School
Fenton STEM
Fenton Academy for Social and Emotional Learning
Magnolia No. 2 (21st Century Grant Grades 6-8)
Magnolia No. 4 (21st Century Grant Grades 6-8)
Magnolia No. 6 (21st Century Grant Grades 6-8)
Magnolia Santa Ana MS
Celerity Nascent Charter School
Celerity Cardinal Charter School
Celerity Palmati Charter School
Celerity Dyad Charter School
Celerity Achernar Charter School
Celerity Troika Charter School
Celerity Octavia Charter School
Celerity Rolas Charter School (new)
Celerity Himalia Charter School (new)
PUC Community Charter Elementary School
APEX Academy
ICEF Vista Elementary Academy Charter
ICEF Vista Middle Academy Charter
ICEF Inglewood Elementary Academy Charter
ICEF Inglewood Middle Academy Charter
Crown Prep Academy
North Valley Military Institute (middle)
New Horizons Charter Academy
Vista Charter Heritage
Community Prep Academy
Scholarship Prep Charter School
St. Louis of France School

High Schools
Prepa Tec LA high school
Valor High School
Rise Koyang High School
Dalzell Lance HS (Camino Nuevo High School #2)
Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan HS
Alliance Morgan McKinzie HS
Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth HS
Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Tech HS
Alliance Marc & Eva Stern MASS
Alliance Tennenbaum Family HS
Alliance Leichtman-Levine Family Foundation Environmental Science High School
APEX Academy
Wallis Annenberg HS
Bert Corona HS (aka YPI Valley Public Charter HS) Collegiate Charter High School of Los Angeles Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance HS LA Leadership Academy HS USC East College Prep (HS) USC Ednovate College Prep - Santa Ana

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