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Supporting and empowering students to reach their college and career dreams.


A Lifetime of Challenges

High school drop-outs face obstacles beyond the classroom. Higher rates of poverty, unemployment, crime, and experience with illness, drug use and pregnancy bar them from reaching higher education. In Los Angeles, where the drop-out rates are chronically high, our most vulnerable youth are in desperate need of adequate support.


Pathways to Success

YPI’s Promise Scholars program fights the challenges of low-income students and provides a high-touch, personal and holistic range of services that empower students to stay in school, achieve success, and connect to their future with confidence. Promise Scholars builds on YPI’s successful college readiness programming by providing additional financial and social support. Similar models have shown a 79% reduction in dropout rates, and up to 300% increase in student’s participation in post-secondary education. And it’s a fact: students who save at least $500 are three times more likely to attend college, and four times more likely to graduate.





In-school and after-school tutoring in core subjects are offered at least twice a week to support academic success.



Students receive individual mentoring as well as the guidance of a College Ambassador, to assist in applying for and enrolling in college.



Participating families are eligible to open a YPI College Savings account, with minimum deposits matched 3:1 and financial education workshops focused on budgeting and saving.*



Let’s create a better future for Los Angeles

With your investment, we can provide Promise Scholars with transportation for college visits and materials for SAT/ACT Prep, cover salaries for tutors and mentors, and help families open matched college savings accounts.


To give, contact: Jodi Delaney • (213) 986-3964 •


* College savings accounts are matched up to $761 per family, and financial education is provided to all participants. Each participant is required to make a minimum deposit of $20 per month for six consecutive months.

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