Los Angeles CollegeReady

The Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) is an innovative program of the U.S. Department of Education that responds to issues of national and global significance in education. In 2010, YPI was awarded a FIPSE grant to establish the Los Angeles CollegeReady program to address the extreme shortage of college counselors.

In partnership with California State University Northridge and Chicanos Latinos Educational Foundation, YPI trained 150 staff and counselors as College Ambassadors. During the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years, they advised more than 2,000 high school junior and seniors in the Los Angeles Unified School District and charter schools.

Now in the culmination phase of the Los Angeles CollegeReady program, YPI is servicing and tracking the cohort of students that received counseling services. In conjunction with the National Student Clearinghouse, the compiled data will demonstrate their progress in regard to college enrollment and re-enrollment at the post-secondary level.

The innovative model that YPI developed to train College Ambassadors was highly successful and offered critically needed support and guidance to Los Angeles students. The program is being replicated at the Los Angeles Academy of Arts and Enterprise High School and the Teacher Prep Academy. Individuals who were trained continue to offer counseling services through various YPI youth programs.