Supplemental Education Services

The Youth Policy Institute has been offering the Supplemental Education Services tutoring and project-based learning program to families in the Los Angeles County since 2004.  YPI is one of the few Los Angeles-area nonprofits authorized by the State of California’s Department of Education as a Supplemental Education Provider.

Targeted Solutions

Since initiating the Supplemental Education Services (SES)  program in 2004, YPI has provided more than 120,000 K-12 students with tutoring and project-based learning in English-language arts and mathematics.

Through individual program assessment, testing results and teacher evaluations, YPI identifies the areas of need for each student. Instruction is provided outside of the regular school day in afterschool and weekend scheduled programs.

The YPI SES Program features:

  • Credentialed teachers and experienced academic tutors assistants
  • Small group standards based instruction (5 to 1) in language arts and math
  • 30 dedicated hours of tutoring per student
  • Each student is pre-tested to identify individual academic deficiencies and post-program tested to measure academic gains
  • A learning plan is developed for each student that directly targets academic deficiencies as identified in the individual pretest
  • Instruction can be either linked to State of California standards or aligned with Common Core curriculum
  • Intermediate and final student progress reports are developed for each student using formal and informal evaluation tools


  • YPI has been authorized by the State of California Department of Education as a Supplemental Education Services provider since 2004
  • Authorized by the State of California Department of Education as a Supplemental Education Services provider for the 2015-2017 cohort.


  • 10 years providing these services to Los Angeles Unified School District and Charter School students
  • Extensive experience experience executing Supplemental Education Services in Charter Schools
  • More than 120,000 K-12 students served
  • We are currently operating at 25 charter school sites and growing


Enrique Villagrana
Director, YPI Supplemental Education Services
634 S. Spring Street
4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90014
T: (213) 688-2802


YPI has been serving L.A. Schools for 10 Years.

For the past eight years, the ideas, responsiveness and implementation of YPI-SES services have been beyond my expectations.

- Katia Handal, Director Vaughn-Primary Center

In the past four years, YPI SES program has offered a flexible program that meets student needs and ensures that instructional staff really connect with students.

-Dean Marolla-Turner, Principal Alliance Neuwirth Leadership Academy

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