Teen Pregnancy Prevention

We are collaborating with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to build political will, increase community support and expand funding to address high teen pregnancy and birth rates in the LA Promise Zone.



The Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Research and Demonstration Program is a national effort that addresses rising teen pregnancy rates by developing and testing innovative strategies to reduce teen pregnancy. We believe this initiative will have a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of young people in Los Angeles.

As a core partner in the program, we are working with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Advocates for Youth, a Washington nonprofit, and other stakeholders in the Promise Zone to create a Community Prevention Framework.



Our framework aims to reduce teen pregnancy by taking a long-term perspective that addresses both risk and protective factors.

Risk factors, internal or external in origin, make a person more susceptible to negative behaviors and conditions. Protective factors act the opposite way, guarding the individual from threats.

These factors vary, depending on the individual and the community. Identifying them in our Promise Zone is integral to our effort.



The effectiveness and sustainability of our framework begins with a clear understanding of community needs and depends on the involvement of community members in the planning process. To that end we’ve assembled a Leadership Team and several advisory committees.

  • Leadership Team - Our Leadership Team is made up of organizations and experts with the capacity to design, test and evaluate our Community Prevention Framework. This team works to identify programming, resources and support
  • Advisory Committees - These committees are comprised of individuals who can speak to community needs and help tailor programming direction.


  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
  • Advocates for Youth



Sergio J. Morales
Director of Health and Wellness

1075 N. Western Ave. #110
Los Angeles, CA 90038

[email protected]
(323) 836-0055


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