Recognizing 50 years of Volunteers In Service To America


Volunteers In Service To America, better known as VISTA, was founded in 1965 as a national service program to fight poverty in America. The VISTA mission closely aligns with our organization’s mission to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Today we are proudly recognizing each of our currently serving AmeriCorps VISTAs for their National Service. Our VISTAs focus their efforts on building our organizational, administrative, and financial capacity. They develop programs to meet our needs, write grants and recruit and train volunteers.


On this day of celebration we’ll be sharing our best AmeriCorps VISTA photos and stories on our social media channels. Watch for hashtags #YPIVISTA and #VISTA50 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you can learn about our awesome VISTAs and their projects.

Check back here for facebook updates updates throughout the day:

Alyxandra Goodwin, our Americorps California AmeriCorps*VISTA Community Planner, is part of the Education working group in the LA Promise Zone. She is developing a comprehensive Communications Plan for the Zone.


10681_816444281725522_6825264428689905378_n.jpgLuis Leyva, Americorps California AmeriCorps*VISTA Community Planner

Luis has taken the lead in designing an economic development study to determine potential business and economic corridors in the LA Promise Zone. #‎VISTA50 #‎YPIVISTA

Post by Youth Policy Institute.

10411271_816470135056270_8224601607609407304_n.jpgYvorn Aswad, Health & Wellness Coordinator, California AmeriCorps*VISTA

Yvorn developed a sports league for youth in the Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood. He also assisted our Health and Wellness department with fund development, recruitment of volunteer coaches and secured donations of approximately $10,000 in equipment and supplies.

Post by Youth Policy Institute.

11006405_816478388388778_3374600488465223701_n.jpgCecilia Macias, Parent and Community Engagement VISTA

Cecilia is expanding current parent programs at Cesar Chavez Learning Academy and mustering new services and resources for the site. Her goal is to generate a more welcoming environment on campus for parents and community.

Post by Youth Policy Institute.

10858486_816496488386968_8984380855758217861_n.jpgSahira Barajas, our Americorps VISTA Leader, is part of the Economic Activity working group that has been supporting the work of the Promise Zone Leadership Council with Community Assessments.

Post by Youth Policy Institute.

10454443_816514888385128_7105861172471227807_n.jpgMelody Ng, our California AmeriCorps*VISTA Evaluation Specialist, supports the Public Safety working group for the LA Promise Zone. She designed and launched a Youth Neighborhood Justice Council as part of our Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation project. #‎VISTA50 #‎YPIVISTA…/

Post by Youth Policy Institute.

10404187_816534845049799_6344969103684939431_n.jpgVanessa De La Rosa, our California AmeriCorps*VISTA Community Planner, works with our Neighborhood working group in the LA Promise Zone. She coordinated and launched the Safe Passages program in collaboration with the @CityAttorneyLA .

Post by Youth Policy Institute.

11026010_816553268381290_3213417112994563662_n.jpgAbigail Lamson, Student Academic Success California AmeriCorps*VISTA

Abigail is fostering greater student interest in academics through a holistic approach that incorporates tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment. Her efforts to create a supportive environment will not only positively impact students, but will also lay a strong foundation for their continued pursuit of knowledge and expression.


Post by Youth Policy Institute.

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