Young Scientists Take On Citywide Science Fair!


Pictured are San Jose Street Elementary School students celebrating their first place finish.

Pacoima Charter School's Science Fair presentation grew out of a real world concern for health and safety. "A number of the kids had been getting sick," recounts Nancy Arias, Regional Supervisor of YPI's Youth Services, "And they wanted to figure out if hand sanitizer, bar soap or iodine killed more germs."

 So the students did research, surfed the web and worked with a Science Coach to apply the scientific method. And the results of the experiment were presented Saturday at the Youth Policy Institute's 1st Citywide Science Fair. 

About 22 other elementary and middle school students participated, demonstrating their enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and an understanding of the scientific method.

Pacoima's experiment, "Germs and Disinfectants: Which is the Best One?," placed second in the competition with their discovery that alcohol, by far, does the best job of killing germs. San Jose Street Elementary School took first place in their age group while Thurgood Marshall Academy took first place among middle schools.

Next up for the budding scientists? All of the students who participated, along with their Science Coach will be taking part in the Disney Youth Education Series. The program takes place in the information-rich setting of the Disney Park and provides students a hands-on, educational adventure.

YPI's afterschool program provides students and their families with credentialed teachers and college-age tutors every school day until 6pm. The 1st Citywide Science Fair was held at Garvanza Elementary School on May 18th and was designed to inspire students to learn about the scientific method, technology and math.

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