YPI Bert Corona Student Wins Tech Contest with “Personalities”

Students and teachers at YPI’s Bert Corona Charter School have a new reason to be proud. Sixth grader Amilcar Ayala has won the 2013 Digital Voice Awards with his Photoshop project titled “Personalities.”

“The main point is that students are not all the same and each have different personalities and behave differently during class,” explained Ayala. “One student is a good listener, the other one is just not paying attention at all, and the two students in the back are about to fight.”

The Digital Voice Awards honors teachers and students from across Los Angeles County who are utilizing technology in innovative, creative and instructionally sound ways. Ayala created the image based on the photographers he studied in class, and used layer masks and composition techniques to achieve his results.

According to Randi Rubin, Ayala’s teacher, there were going to be three submissions. However, the class decided that Ayala’s piece was the strongest and would represent the school well. Ayala and his friends were excited to hear the news.

“Amilcar is a really creative, charismatic and brave,” said Rubin. “He is not afraid to perform for the camera, and is always willing to try new ideas as a way to learn and grow.”

Friends and classmates will gather at YPI's Bert Corona Charter School on Thursday, May 16 at 3:15 p.m. to watch the live virtual awards webcast at https://ito.lacoe.edu/dva/.

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