YPI Kick Starts Summer!

soccerboy.jpgFrom science and math to dance and performing arts classes, elementary, middle and high school students from 54 schools, many located within the Los Angeles Promise Zone, will participate in a wide variety of YPI programs designed to keep students engaged while exposing students to meaningful learning.

"For many kids, summer can be a time of boredom where video games and TV shows become the center of activity,” said Dixon Slingerland, Executive Director, YPI. “This results in ‘summer melt’ -- lost learning from the previous school year -- as well as less physical activity.

Our YPI Summer Programs offer specialized learning opportunities in core subjects, experiential field trips to places most kids never have the chance to visit, as well as activities clubs that foster the formation of new friendships within a safe environment."

Classes have started and are scheduled to continue throughout the summer.

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