YPI Stories: The Lopez Family

Lopez-Family-Picture.jpgAurora Lopez, the mother of 11 year old Andrew, came to the Hollywood Familysource Center to enroll her son in the site’s tutoring program. The family saw immediate improvement in Andrew’s grades and this ultimately led him to participate in one of the center’s university visits. 

Andrew has talked about attending college ever since – something Aurora doesn’t see from Andrew’s friends.She loves that he is now aware of the options he has for the future. 

A native Spanish speaker, Aurora signed up for English classes and enrolled in a computer class at the center, and – even better – her mother has decided she wants to learn how to use the computer. The family plans to use email and skype to stay in touch with relatives outside the United States.

Aurora is very passionate about education and now volunteers at the FamilySource Center.

“Programs and services such as those at the FamilySource Center,” reflects Aurora, “not only help at-risk youth, but also help to advance the Latino community.”

Learn more about how our FamilySource Center helps Los Angeles families.

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